MILSIG Direct opens in Canada

August 1, 2013 by admin

August 1, 2013
MILSIG Industries



ATTN: MagFed enthusiasts, dealers and media
MILSIG Industries is proud to announce the completion of its global MILSIG Direct distributorship program with the grand opening of MILSIG Direct Canada, a licensed and exclusive distributor of MILSIG products. Based in Toronto, Canada and operated by Evan Henshaw, long time authority in magazine fed paintball. As with all MILSIG Direct Distributors, the Canadian division offers services that are focused specifically on providing the entire line of MILSIG MagFed Paintball products accompanied with the highest level of customer service and technical knowledge. Milsig Direct Canada will be in reach with many of Canada’s most exclusive fields and events and you can expect their presence to be felt nationwide with key dealer relationships.

All MILSIG Direct distributorships operate fully under factory standardized operating procedure which ensures that all customers receive the same quality service across the board which enforces fair pricing, timely warranty resolution, and coordinated product releases. MILSIG Direct marks a new era in distribution for MILSIG Industries and Canadian businesses and players are now fully able to take advantage.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with one of the greatest brands in the paintball industry and THE greatest brand in the Magazine Fed market. MILSIG Direct is what Canada needs and I am proud to deliver. Canadians have many great things in store for them”

- Evan Henshaw
Owner, MILSIG Direct Canada

“I am overjoyed with the opening of MILSIG Direct Canada and to be working with Evan as an authorized factory representative. His level of professionalism and knowledge of MILSIG products will lend itself well to our growing organization and most importantly to Canada.”

- Nelson Lau
Director, MILSIG Industries

MILSIG Direct Canada


MILSIG Products are available through MILSIG DIRECT at  the following locations around the world.


MILSIG is known throughout the world as the premier manufacturer of MagFed products. MILSIG products are famous for their strength, durability, accuracy, and performance. When you purchase a MILSIG product you are assured of getting the highest quality, most reliable equipment in the MagFed paintball industry.